January 04, 2008

Crackdown Madness

A few news items for most of us, but something unbelievably big for those involved.

At the crack of the New year, the same Government that supposedly champions the cause of the fairer sex found itself at the receiving end of some indecent remarks from people the world over. Reason being the totally callous remark by the Commissioner of Police about an incident that involved 80 odd drunk male revellers molesting two single women in the open view of all concerned. That there were police personnel called in to help could not have been of much help to the hapless ladies in question. It speaks a lot about the mentality and the sickness of those involved when such things happen. In a fairer court than this country's judiciary is, such acts should be punished as used to be done in the days gone by. Human rights activists be damned when I say that such people should be paraded naked, tied to a car and dragged along the streets, with onlookers pelting stones and flogging them. And the first one to be dragged should be the top cop himself - not for the inaction but - for that glaringly defeatist remark he made to the press.

On a completely different note, 2008 could not have started on a better note for the man who was my senior in school, the Very Very Special Laxman. Sydney Cricket Ground has become a home of sorts for this gentle cricketer, who is probably the only top ranked Indian sportsman whom one fails to spot selling colas and 'music albums'. Such a fantastic effort was his 109 that the temendous effort of Rahul Dravid paled in comparison. RD showed everyone what one needs to do when he is not in form. Grind. Grind the opposition to dust. And that is what he did in his dogged stay at the crease.

Supreme Goddess Sonia Gandhi found herself in the sickbed of a hospital with a mild asthma attack precipated by the super chill the National capital is facing these days, which made her devotees come out in drones to do yagnas for her speedy recovery trying to prove that the Congress still has followers despite the recent Saffron rage. Oh God damn it.. she had a mild attack.. she wasn't on her death bed (how I wish!). Can the same amount of money spent on those useless yagna sets be used to provide a few blankets to those braving the chills on the streets? And the 50 odd television cameras focussing on each of those yagnas be zoomed on atleast one child collecting waste paper out of garbage dumps at 5AM in the Delhi chill n fog?

Nah.. forget it.. we are living in India !


NaveenKumar said...

Hey buddy welcome to Blogspot. I started off this as my Mobile blog :P and stopes using it when I unsubscribed GPRS. Since your here am gonna stay :D

Vrij said...

Welcome Nav.. u r welcome to stay here.. Apart from me.. Sindhu, Gayathri, Pramod, Ramya, N aka Zephyr, Godo, etc are all here..

Meher :) said...

Ho jee...welcome jee :D

Prasad said...

yea it was disgusting wat happ in b'bay!!! nd watz da use whn umpires defete india @ the SCG!!! tht was damm irritatin to c whn u get up at freekin 5 in the mornin to watch the match!

mahek said...

Hey vrij,
Very nice writing skills yar but I have one question that though everything mentioned is true and a criticism on police and politics. But sometimes the thaught of our action on such part as a citizen left me blank.as said by police on juhu incident that what the people as citizen enjoying there were doing when the ladies were molested.
Hey dont take it wrong but really havent the citizens should also start to make their own move for better system.
Keep writing.

Vrij said...

Mahek.. welcome 2 my blog..

Yes, u r very right that there were so many people involved in the incident, and yes, they too did nothing! Its a sad state of affairs when such things happen.