January 18, 2008

Can someone explain this to me ?

Came across this hoarding adverting for the news daily Deccan Chronicle. Can someone plz plz explain to me what it means, and how exactly it is meant to be taken by the people who glare at the babe?

I mean, I donno.. my brain isn't working... HELP !!!



Anonymous said...

hi vrij !

i think this advertisement from Deccan Chronicle is meant to create more Brand visibility for the newspaper ... and i guess they have suceeded in creating more visibility !
as as to whether the circulation of the newspaper increases because of this ad ... only an ABC audit will reveal in the near future !

Meher :) said...
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Meher :) said...

I tell you.... these ad guys have NO sense sometimes!

I mean.. they use girls for everything - EVERYTHING! Shaving cream, shaving blade, shirts - anything & everything that a man wears and needs to be advertised - girls are used! WTH?

And these DC ads are the ultimate ones! Seriously - whatever that girl on the bed in a camisole means for this paper??!! If you don't want to compromise on the journalism values, then show appropriate pictures! whats the girl got to do with no compromising?? There have been worse pictures I have seen too of DC!! Makes me see red when I see these DC hoardings!!

Total morons!! x-(

Pramod said...

I thot it was a condom ad:P:P

They way I perceive eth ad, now that I know that its Decan chronicle - a newspaper, is that the lady....err shall we say woman.....errr maybe babe :D is ready to get out of bed to read the newspaper.

Vrij said...

Vamsi.. personally I think the ad is too crude and will only lead to loss of readership and not the otherway round.

Keerthi.. totally agree.. i have always believed that a direct and simple approach in advertising (esp print/hoarding) is the best.. beating around the bush 'might' work in TV ads..

RP.. decent interpretation.. I'd actuually hazard a guess that the lady/babe was getting up to go home!

Prasad said...

mayb they wanted to say jus lik how ppl Dont Compromise in ur sex life Dont Compramise for some stupid newspaper...buy ours :DDDD

on a serious note...this really sucks!

Ashwin said...

Agree with Prasad here