August 29, 2007

Queen of Multitasking

No, I'm not referring to the multidimensional posts of fellow blogger Frenchita !!!!

Here I refer to someone infinitely bigger in public stature. She is the President of India's ruling party, chairperson of the ruling coalition, supreme advisor of the Govt of India, Leader of the party in the Parliament, Member of the Planning Comission and officially the head of umpteen academies, societies which bear the name of her late husband and long departed mom-in-law.

She is also the unofficial 'Mother of the Nation' and the 'real' Prime Minister, President and Vice-President of the Nation. She is the 'real' Speaker of the Lower House of the Indian Parliament, the Universal Advisor cum key-decision maker for all Ministries of the Indian Government, all departments and divisons of the bureaucracy of the Indian Administrative system. She is the Supreme Commander of the Governments of more than a dozen states, supercedes the Governor of most states.

When the Defence Minister of the country goes on a visit to a foreign country for an arms deal, he tucks behind this lady like the pug in the Hutch commercial. Every banner, poster or cutout erected by this party in any part of the country on any occasion, however mundane, has to have the smiling face of this great lady.

Over and above, she is also a mother, mentor and political guide to one 35 year old political kid and a young lady who looks more like her grandmother than her mother. She also happens to be the Mother-in-law of a person very very ordinary until he became her son-in-law and now bosses over everyone like noone cares. Indeed MIL and SIL are the only two people who in their individual capacities have the exclusive privilege of exemption from security checks at Indian domestic airports.

In one phrase, she is THE most powerful person this part of Planet Earth. How she manages it is beyond my imagination. Hats off, SG, hats off !!!! ;)

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