August 13, 2007

Hameed Ansari Who ?

A couple of weeks after the most dramatised elections for the post of the First Citizen of Hindustan culminated in a female being given the votes that matter thanks to another woman who has hypnotised... naah... mesmerised the political circles across this nation; there was another election for the job of the Second citizen which went rather unnoticed, undiscussed and without any of the shenanigans that were part and parcel of the first drama.

Abdul Hameed Ansari takes over from Bhairon Singh Shekhawat as the new Vice-President of Hindustan. R K Laxman's common man had never heard of this name when it did pop up a few days before the election was due. But as the old hindi saying goes.. har kutte ka din hota hai!
I would beg pardon from anyone and from Sri Ansari for using this proverb, but then it is the one that comes to mind when I think about what transpired last week. This weekend might have been the sweetest that the Ansari family had had in a long time.

With the qualification of a distinguished personality, Hameed Ansari who served as an ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, UAE and as a High commissioner to Australia, he will represent country good will (!) and friendship mission to other country. With his understanding of international politics and learned personality he is going to be a responsible guardian of the house... hopefully!

Time has come to move on for Najma Heptullah and Rashid Masood. Incidently, it was an all-muslim election, which took place at the time a Muslim political party openly threatens to eliminate another Muslim from a Muslim country! Phew!

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