August 15, 2007

Ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyon..

Wish U all a Very Happy 60th Independence day!

On this day as it stands, I envision a not-so-bright future for the nation, thanks to the few thousand a**h**** we have elected to various assemblies and to the parliament in New Delhi.
So, here's is a 10-point agenda that I would like to put forth for the betterment of this country.

10. Free and Compulsory Education. Education should be made compulsory and free for all citizens. Atleast till the +2 level. All higher education is to be subsidised. The commercialisation of education to be banned. Education system should aim at all-round development of personalities rather than making super human mathematicians and nerds.

09. Healthcare for All. Primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare maintenance facilities should be provided in all areas with populations of 200 persons and above. Access to healthcare is a fundamental right. Proper transit hospitals should be established by the Govt along the highways and not just in major cities. Whoever heard of a CT scan in villages of remote India? A large corpus of funding should be introduced and special emphasis on Preventive healthcare should be provided.

08. Good Connectivity. Roads should be made to last atleast a decade and not just till the next monsoon. Contractors who do not abide should be given a lifer. Most of the exchequers money is spent in relaying of prime roads every year leading to underdevelopment of feeder routes and village pathways which do not come under the category of roads.

07. Don't play with the Govt. All government contracts should be alloted by Open bidding and not by sealed tenders to bring in transparency and root out secrecy. This would also help in scooting out the political hand. No kickbacks. If defiency in the same is noticed, no further contracts to be given to the same agency or to any agency with same promoters.

06. End of party time for political groups. No Government funding to be provided to Political parties. No constituency fund is to be provided to MPs and MLAs. All expenditure should be accounted to the national treasury. Any person convicted of a criminal offence anytime in his life should be debarred from holding a public office for life. Anyone chargesheeted but not yet convicted should not hold office till acquitted.

05. Freedom to live comfortably. Public nuisance should become a criminal offence of high nature. Blaring music, relieveing oneself on the roadside, spiiting along the pavements and in the corners of staircases, shitting on the railway tracks should be dealt with strictly.Public toilets should be contructed in all possible places and access to those should be made free. Public should be encouraged to use them. This helps in keeping our surroundings clean and healthy.

04. Power Revolution. Huge impetus should be given to alternative sources of energy. Electric farming using wind mills and magestic solar panels should be introduced. Hydro power should be given a major boost. Use of Nuclear energy for power generation should be emphasised. Thermal power generation which puts a premium on the environment should be reduced.
03. Go Green. Tampering with the environment should be stopped. Whether it is deforestation or rape of the rocks or excessive mining, it leads to nothing but disaster and it should be stopped.

02. Zero Kickbacks. Anyone indulging in corruption or kickbacks should be given a lifer and debarred from holding any public office or Govt job.

01. Hum do Hamare do. Strict enforcement of the 'Hum do hamare do' law. Anyone violating the same would not be eligible for any benefits the country offers to its citizens. They would have to pay double the taxes for their entire life.
Mera Bharat Mahaan !

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