July 28, 2007

The Spicy Omelette !!

Spicy? An Omelette ? How ?

I do not think many of you would have come across an omelette thats spicy and tangy. Well, here’s your chance for tasting just that. And nah, I’m not going to show up the recipe for some exquisite dish. We go simple.

The idea is to make it spicy with what is generally available at home.

Take an egg (or two or three..) and beat the contents thoroughly in a decent sized bowl. Use a spoon and not an egg-beater. Somehow, the fun of beating an egg lies with the use of a spoon!
Once your base (the beaten egg) is ready, now you have to let loose your imagination. The best thing to do is chop a few fresh green chillis into very small bits and add them. Do not feel shy while doing this. Add a few shreds of grated carrot if you desire. A small quantity of chilli sauce and a couple of drops of soya sauce does add sting to the omelette. If you have some jalapeno left over from your last pizza order, do not let it go waste.

Remember to add enough salt to taste and a pinch more than that. A little bit of extra salt does a world of good to the tanginess. I also add some finely chopped coriander to the mix. Beat the mix again so that all the stuff gets mixed properly.

Now, onto the frying pan. A spoonful of oil on a pre-heated pan, and after a few seconds more heating, the beaten egg goes onto the pan. Spread uniformly, and toss and turn till the omelette is golden in color.

Omelettes are best when eaten piping hot, and of course, spicy!

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