June 14, 2007

Are the present day Gynaecs cheating ?

I remember my aunt talking tales about her Gynaecologist predicting the ‘due date’ accurately each time she was pregnant. She has four daughters and all were normal deliveries.

But today, the incidence of normal deliveries seems to have down the spiral. Doctors contend that its the lifestyle habits of the population to blame and the fact that our yound women are figure and fitness conscious. Thats ok in a small percentage of population. What about the masses? What about the rural population where a caesarian section birth is still rather uncommon.

Whats happening nowadays is that the gynaecologists are not able to predict the due date with accuracy. And when one gets to that date without any ’signs’ of labour, the gynaec promptly advices a CS citing the fact that the baby’s life might be endangered otherwise. No wonder there is a rise in CS numbers.

Now, here’s what actually happens. A pregnant woman goes to a Gynaecologist who assesses her and predicts the due date. If the real due date is say Oct 15, the doctor tells the woman that it is Oct 10. When the pregnant woman does not experience labour pains by Oct 10 or even 12, the gynaec suggests a CS and the family falls prey. The gynaec knows that a delivery 2-3 days before term would not have any impact on the child. And anyways the scans can show up any abnormality.

And why is this done? A normal delivery is charged less than Rs.5000, while a CS is charged anywhere between 20000-25000 at a minimum.

So, are the Gynaecs cheating? Or maybe they are plain inept!

Disclaimer: Of course I am talking about SOME and not ALL Gynaecs here.. there are white and black sheep in all coomunities n professions

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